Behavior & Expectations

My philosophy is to instill the basic skills needed to foster and create a safe learning environment while encouraging responsibility. I will also hold students accountable for maintaining appropriate behaviors and following class rules.

The classroom behavior chart has the colors Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Each day all students start on GREEN and move up or down on the scale throughout the day. “Second chances” are always encouraged and grace is shown when a positive change in behavior is displayed. Students have an opportunity not only to demonstrate great behavior and work ethic, but can also strive to be outstanding {Level PURPLE!} When a student reaches this purple level every day of the week, then they will receive a prize of their choice from the class treasure box. This is very rare, so don't be disappointed if you do not see your child on purple daily. Green, Blue and Purple are all positive levels :)

PURPLE Outstanding!! Student has done an exceptional job of following all class rules and procedures, gone above & beyond helping other students, exceptional work ethic & attitude!!

BLUE Great Job!! Student has followed all class rules and procedures, completed work with a positive attitude.

GREEN Good Job! ALL students start every day at this level. Students is completing work with a good attitude.

YELLOW Think About it. Student is given a verbal warning based negative behaviors or choices made, needs to be redirected, poor attitude.

ORANGE Mrs. Pepe’s Choice: Student was unable to redirect behavior and teacher will select consequence. {However, students are ALWAYS given the opportunity to redeem themselves & move their clip up to a higher level!}

RED Parent Contact: Student has repeated same offense after consequence was given, parent notification/meeting.