Accelerated Reader {AR}


· During the first and second weeks of school, students will take the Early STAR assessment. If students score well on the Early STAR, then they will take the STAR assessment. If a student does not score high enough on the Early STAR, then they will continue to sharpen their reading skills and retest during the next testing period. Please do NOT stress about AR. I will not place a child on the STAR test (AR) if they are not ready because it will only cause frustration and ruin the program for them.

· Students may borrow 1 AR book from my classroom library at a time. They may keep the book 1-5 days, but it must be returned to my library on Friday. Students may not keep my books over the weekend. Students also have the option to get their own AR books.

· Students will be given an opportunity to take AR tests daily. However, there are certain special events or circumstances that may prohibit that from time to time.

· I will send home flyers with your child’s AR progress (percentage towards goal) intermittently. You may also look at their progress online by signing into Renaissance Place. Students can only take AR quizzes on campus during school hours; not at home.